Getting to DRIFT

We are located at Aviones Beach, Loiza Puerto Rico. About 10min from International Airport. You can book direct flights To SJ, PR from most of USA cities. Options to reach us:

  • Uber– Fairly accessible prices within the metro area. Isla Verde $8-15.00 Condado $11-19 Old San Juan $14-24.
  • Car Rentals – Available at the airport and around the island.
  • Taxi Service – Is available at the airport and around the island. Please note that local taxi rates are government mandated but they are usually higher priced.
  • Transportation for tours- All of our Tours include transportation within DRIFT and the tour.  Some of our tours include pick up to and from your accommodation to DRIFT.
  • Bike – Depends on your speed but, It could be a 30mi to 45mi scenic bike ride from Isla Verde.
  • Public Transportation– Unfortunately, is not reliable or efficient. We suggest you explore other options above.

Traffic on Weekends

The Piñones area (where we are located) is an extremely popular area in Loiza. Hundreds of Locals and tourists come to enjoy the traditional fritters, the cold coconut drinks, and the charm of this cultural rich coastal town. Due to its popularity and its limited entry roads, the weekends tend to get packed and getting in and out of the area during the summer produces traffic, especially on Sundays. Saturdays expect 5-10 min delays. SUNDAYS coming in anytime after 11:30-12pm and getting out of the area after 2:30-3pm expect 1hr delays or more.

We suggest another route OUT of Piñones on Sundays that are longer in distance, but faster in transit; could be about 45min drive from DRIFT to Santurce or Condado Area. We recommend coming in early to enjoy the vibe of the town, and head out anytime after lunch or head out through the back way. We do have some awesome specials you can enjoy from 3-8pm and wait out the traffic with a beer in hand.

Do I Need a Passport?

Nope, US travelers can fly in and out of Puerto Rico with their state-issued ID.

Do I Need To Be A Member To Visit?

NO! You can definitely enjoy everything DRIFT has to offer without the need for a membership. Just come, eat and drink at our beachfront deck, check out any of our surf tours and experiences, or all of our yoga classes and events without needing to sign up for a monthly membership. Just stop by (or make your reservation) and chillax with us.  Still, if you want to experience DRIFT to the fullest, check out the awesome membership privileges…. And become part of the family.

How Can I Sign Up To Be A Member?

Just submit the application HERE and we’ll call you back within 48hrs to get you on board. It’s a year membership where for a limited time only you can use % of your membership.

What are your Forms of Payment?

Cash, Debit Cards, Credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover) and ATH Movil.

Where Can I Stay Nearby?

Yeah, If you have booked packages or tours @Drift and you want to stay close to us, we suggest lodging at Isla Verde (10min drive) or Condado (15-20min drive). Courtyard by Mariott in Isla Verde is 6 min drive from us, but there’s plenty of Hotels, Airbnb’s, Bed & Breakfast Inns and even Hostels around the area. If you are a budget traveler, Check our Nomada Hostels or Santurcia Hostel In Santurce, about a 15 min drive. Or bed & Breakfast in the Loiza area; Tarpoons nest, and Beach House.

Can I Bring my Kids?

Of course! DRIFT is a destination for families. We have leisure activities for the whole family, tours and beach activities such as float or bike rentals. We provide Kids Surf Camp and Yoga for Kids. Please keep in mind that some of our tours have age restrictions. Check those out before booking.

Can I Bring My Own Food and Beverage?

We have everything you might need to have fun under the sun, water, beers, plenty of food options. Please refrain from bringing in any outside food or beverages, unless medically necessary.

What Should I Bring?

Well, there’s plenty of stuff to do at DRIFT and most of it involves casual light clothes and bathing suit… but depends on what activities you’ve booked for the day.  Your favorite rash guard, sun shirt, towel or water bottle in most cases will do; some tours include these and we have some for rent or sale. We always suggest your own reef friendly sunscreen and DEET-free bug spray.

What Activities Are Offered At DRIFT?

Activites vary by season… But all year round you can rent one of the out anchored floaties, rent a bike, do some yoga, get a massage or just lay at the beach with some eats and drinks.

Can I Reserve an Area on The Beach?

Areas of the beach cannot be reserved. We have seating area in our internal Dune where Members will be given priority for reservations. However, chaise and umbrella rentals for the beach will be first come, first served.

What Amenities Are On Site?

DRIFT amenities include:

  • 2 full-service bars
  • 1 full-service indoor restaurant
  • 2nd-floor deck with lounging and dining areas
  • Beach Lounge area with limited food and drink menu
  • Yoga Deck at the beach
  • Massage Hut for wellness therapies
  • Surfing School and Shop
  • Outdoor showers
  • Waiting mezzanine
  • Changing room with lockers
  • Parking

Are Any Items Prohibited?

All bags, backpacks, purses or parcels are subject to search. The following items are not allowed to into the venue:

  • Illegal drugs (including marijuana)
  • Vaporizers
  • E-cigs
  • Weapons and Sharp Objects
  • Food, beverages and/or containers
  • Toys, props and inflatables
  • Coolers.

Management reserves all rights to refuse entry at its sole discretion.

What's the Dress Code?

As long as you don’t show up here naked you are good.

Are Pets Allowed?

As per FDA regulations we are only allowed to have pets around the outdoor dune area. No pets allowed inside the restaurant or indoors.

Is There Valet Parking?

Yeah, we have parking available with reservations for any of our offerings.


Do you take reservations or walk ins? How can I make reservations?

Just click HERE or call us to reserve your table.

I Have a Large Party, Can I Reserve An Area?

Groups of up to 8 people can reserve here through our OPENTABLE PAGE. Parties 9+ need to call us and will be reserved depending on size, day and menu requests. We can accommodate special events and parties with custom menus by submitting the VENUE INQUIRY FORM. Our Food & Beverage Specialist will contact you to help you prior to your date with your event organization.

What Is The Legal Drinking Age?

In Puerto Rico, the legal drinking age is 18 years.

Do You Have Vegetarian Or Vegan Options?

Yes, we have a variety of items for you. We’ll be glad to accommodate your menu requests.

Can I Eat Or Drink At The Beach?

Sure! You can enjoy items from our Beach Food and Drink Menu at our beach lounging area.


Why Should I Choose Drift in Puerto Rico For My Surf Lessons Or Tours?

Drift Surf Coaching and Surf Tours is run by family and friends who love what they do. Have an authentic experience that you will remember for a lifetime and receive the best surf coaching in Puerto Rico. We have a professional staff that will work side by side with you to improve your surf skills. There are waves 365 days out of the year and everyone always has a smile on their faces.

Is Surf'd Coaching appropriate for any level?

Drift Surf Coaching offers surf lessons for every level of surfers out there. From people who have never touched a surfboard to people who have been surfing every day for the last 30 years. We have given surf lessons from people starting as young as 5 up until 75 years old.

How do I reserve a certain time and day for a Surf lesson or tour?

Please go to our Surf’d page, choose the coaching and/or tour that best fits your needs and hit BOOK NOW. You’ll see a full calendar of available dates and times. If you do not see the time you are looking for please write us an email or give us a call. You can also just come into Drift to book a session.

When is the best time of year for waves in Puerto Rico?

Please go to the Surf’d Tour page, enter your email and you will have access to information about Puerto Rico surf breaks you never imagined. 

What is there to do at Drift besides surf?

We offer many different tours to choose from, a restaurant and bar, beach lounging chairs and floaties, bike rentals, Tours, yoga and wellness therapies. 

Is all the equipment needed for surf lesson or tours included?

Yes all equipment needed to participate in a surf lesson or tour will be provided based on your size and experience level. 

I already took a beginner lesson elsewhere. Can I just rent a surfboard and skip the lesson?

Surfboards are available for rental. Please book one of our amazing surf coaching sessions or tours.

I’m already an experienced surfer. Can I rent a surfboard and take it to another beach?

Surfboards are available for rental. Please book one of our amazing surf coaching sessions or tours.

How long are lessons?

Anywhere from one hour to two hours unless you make a request. 

Can I get a refund for an unused lesson or tour?

As long as you cancel 48 hours prior to your lesson or tour day and time or you reschedule your lesson or tour for a later date. 


Do I Need To Book a Tour in Advance?

Advanced booking is essential due to our Drift experiences being in high demand.

How Do I Know If My Tour Has Been Canceled?

You will receive either an email, phone call or text at least two hours prior to tour check-in.

Will Canceled Tours Be Rescheduled?

We will do our best to reschedule you on the same tour at a later date or time.

What Happens If It Rains On A Tour?

We constantly monitor weather and swell forecasts to ensure all our guests’ safety. In the event that weather conditions are not optimal for a tour, you will be notified via phone, email and or text. If we have to cancel a tour due to weather we will offer you a better solution to fit your needs including, rescheduling another date, refund, and or another tour.

What Is The Range And Skill Level Required For Tours?

Please review the tour you would like to experience to find this information.

Do You Accept Large Groups And Corporate Bookings?

Yes, if your group is over 12 people please contact us for a private booking.

Do You Provide Anything To Eat Or Drink During The Tour?

We will provide water on all tours, please review the tour for further details.


Are beginners welcome at Heal’d?

Absolutely, we all start somewhere. At Heal’d we welcome you as you are, and will support you every step of the way!

What are the benefits of yoga?

  • Makes you HAPPIER. Postures combined with deep breathing facilitate relaxation that combats stress, lowers cortisol (stress hormone) and blood pressure making you stress free and automatically HAPPIER.
  • Boost immune system. Yoga postures help massaging internal organs making easier the detoxifying process that keeps you healthy, and when you are not sick you are HAPPY.
  • Tones muscles and builds muscle strength, which makes you feel good and look good ergo you end up HAPPIER
  • “you are only as young as your spine is flexible” Joseph Pilates. Yoga postures strengthens core and back muscles that are part of the spines muscular network, so it not only gives you a better posture but improves your mobility. If you can move freely then you are happy.


Can I eat before class?

During class we will twist and turn, so it is recommended that you practice on an empty stomach. But if you feel like you will get too hungry during class then have a light snack like nuts or yogurt at least 30 minutes before. We offer complimentary infused water and have a grab and go menu if you want to check it out. If you’d like to nurture your body after class we welcome you to visit Hook’d Brunch. (Tip: Our host will gladly place your order so that when you are done, your food will be ready for you)

What should I expect from my first yoga class?

You will find a space for you to just BE. We will guide you through every move and help you find comfort in each posture. You will work your body, you will sweat, and you will rest. Come with comfortable clothes that allows movement, you might bring a towel and water and your mat but if you forget any of those we have complimentary mats and you could also rent towels or get water from Hook’d, just ask our host!

Do you offer private classes?

We not only offer privates in the most amazing scenery but also have special themed classes if you want to work on specific areas or aspects of your bodies. We also celebrate La Vuelta al Sol Birthday Yoga Class and Pre-Wedding Classes for brides and entourage.

Can I do your classes if I’m not flexible?

Absolutely, just like you don’t need to know how to swim for your swimming class, you don’t need to be flexible to come to yoga class, yoga will improve your flexibility with your committed practice.

What’s the difference between massage therapy and body therapy?

Although they both work manipulating soft tissue, body therapy focuses on pain relief and restoring body functionality, whilst massage emphasizes on relaxation and stress reduction.

What are the benefits of body therapies?

  • Swedish: it is the most common and if you want just to feel relaxed in a mild soothing way, this is the massage for you.
  • Deep tissue: alleviates pain and tightness in the body helping release muscle tension, knots and strains, by a deeper slower stroke you will get rid of toxins buildup and inflammation.
  • Thai: this ancient healing system combines acupressure and ayurvedic knowledge to reduce muscle tension, to improve joint mobility and blood circulation.
  • energy work: take this gentle form of therapy to have energy blocks worked, cellular memory cleared and leave feeling balanced and connected.


Can I talk during my therapy?

Please communicate with your therapist! Although we want you to just be relaxed and feel good please feel free to ask about your therapy or tell about any discomfort or sensation you have. It is your body and your therapy!

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