More Awesome Reasons to Come To Puerto Rico!

Meeting new places, having fun, relaxing, and leaving the daily routine are some of the most common reasons for planning a trip, but traveling to Puerto Rico will give provide so much more than that. Puerto Rico is the perfect destination to escape from the cold, as its reputation shines as a place of ‘endless summer’. Meanwhile, the sun is not the only thing that will brighten your day, as the culture, food and the people will cheer you up in every way. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the wonderful experiences that you can enjoy traveling to Puerto Rico!


From the cost to the rainforest: awesome experiences everywhere you look.

The Caribbean is not all about sunbathing and eating! Puerto Rico is ripe with ADVENTURE throughout the year, and with the help of your pals at Drift, you can have it all. You will be able to ride beautiful scenic biking trails, kayak in Fajardo’s world-famous bioluminescent lagoon, and catch thrilling waves in pristine beaches. But not all the adventures have to be extreme. Experience yoga on a paddle board, have the night of your life paddling on a LED paddle board in Isla Verde, or treat yourself to a massage. Take a relaxing boat ride to Culebra, where you can enjoy white sand beaches and snorkel the underwater coral ecosystem.


World-class surfing

As far as beaches go we have some sun-drenched playgrounds everywhere, but Puerto Rico is home to some of the best surf spots known to man! From coast, to coast you’ll find hidden gems to seek your next water adventure. Also, if you’re new and hungry to learn how to surf, tal to one of our friendly and SUPER knowledgeable instructors to schedule your first lesson. Whatever your level and goals, we have something for you. A great place to start is our home break, Aviones beach.


The best time to come is… all the time!

Don’t take our word for it. Ask our beloved Lin Manuel, George Clooney or Jimmy Fallon! They’ve all recently spent time on the island, and have openly recommended Puerto Rico as a destination. We are pretty sure they would agree that the best time to come to Puerto Rico is… ALL THE TIME!.


If you want to feel connected and experience everything Puerto Rico has to offer, contact the Drift team and we’ll take you on the ride of your life. Pack your sunscreen and flip flops and let’s #driftway.